Shocks & Strut Repairs in Ramona, CA

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Quality Shock & Strut Replacements

WOW Automotive & Alignment in Ramona, CA knows how to improve your vehicle’s overall safety and comfort. Your road travel should feel smooth and seamless, regardless of the terrain. Shocks are meant to absorb and eliminate any bouncing that might occur with normal road travel. Bring your vehicle to our service experts to find out the true condition of your vehicle’s shocks. We can perform a variety of diagnostic tests that will let us know if you need new shock absorbers for your vehicle. We only use the best parts for any shock absorber repairs or replacements. You’ll improve your vehicle’s handling and comfort by giving the suspension system the attention it deserves. Whether your vehicle has shocks installed to prevent bouncing or struts which include springs to support the weight of the vehicle, our technicians will improve the overall suspension of your vehicle.

If your car, truck, or SUV needs strut replacements, this is slightly more difficult than just replacing shocks. We encourage all Poway motorists to trust their vehicle’s suspension needs to WOW Automotive & Alignment. The biggest sign that your vehicle needs a strut replacement is a constant bounce or a ride that makes you feel every bump in the road. With our quick but thorough maintenance inspection, we’ll be able to see if there’s unseen physical damages or leaking fluids that need correction. Inspection of your vehicle’s suspension system should occur on a routine basis. There’s no telling the exact time you will need to replace your vehicle’s shocks or struts. Your vehicle’s peak performance will depend on your driving habits and our quality service plan. Make sure your vehicle maintains control of the vertical motion and stability between the wheels and the auto body.

Schedule Your Shock or Strut Repairs

The comfort of your road travel can be seriously compromised by shock absorber and strut malfunction. If you can’t remember the last time you had them checked out, it’s probably time for a maintenance inspection. A simple test of the rear and front shock absorbers or struts will let you know if you need to schedule an appointment with the service experts at WOW Automotive & Alignment. By pushing down on the four corners of your vehicle, you can cause an oscillating bounce. The shocks and struts are meant to level out and alleviate any bouncing. Give us a call today at 858-914-2397 to schedule your shock absorber or strut inspection. Restore your vehicle suspension and handling to its original condition. Next time you’re in the area–2317 Main St A–feel free to stop by with any of your questions or concerns. We gladly accept all of our walk-in customers!