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Tire Excellence!

Our skilled service staff at WOW Automotive and Alignment takes care of every aspect of your car. This includes your tires, which are frequently disregarded but have a significant impact on the functionality, safety, and fuel economy of your car. Because your car’s tires are always in contact with the ground, wear, and tear are unavoidable. Even if you only travel on smooth roads and highways, it’s still crucial to do routine tire maintenance to keep your wheels and tires in good condition. You will eventually need to change your tires, though. Our tire sales specialists are glad to assist you at every stage of the complicated process of choosing the tires that are right for your car.

Our auto shop’s service professionals have in-depth knowledge of the many tire types that are offered, their advantages, and the kinds of drivers they work best for. For instance, we can explain which tire type is appropriate for your car and driving style—all-season, summer, performance, winter, touring, or all-terrain. The original tire size, load, and speed rating recommendations made for your car should be followed. These recommendations can be found in your owner’s handbook or on the driver’s door jamb. Consult our tire sales staff right now to discover more.

How We Can Keep You On The Road!

The development of technology has made it possible for shops to restore your tire to new condition! Our staff is capable of repairing damaged tires rapidly by using particular methods and equipment.

We at WOW Automotive and Alignment will be able to identify the problem and fix your damaged tires. The specialized equipment and servicing methods required to properly maintain your tire are used by our ASE Master Certified technicians and professionally trained service advisors. We can offer the safest option for you and your vehicle, whether you have a nail in the tread or a gash on the sidewall!