Start an Automotive Career in Ramona, California

Find Your Next Career in Automotive in Ramona, California

Interested in auto repair? Find out how you can enjoy a rewarding career in this exciting industry in Ramona, California. Explore two common roles in this industry and discover why WOW Auto Care is your leader in auto expertise. Join an industry that offers you competitive pay and benefits as you enjoy learning more about your passions.

Hands-on Auto Technicians

Technicians are auto experts who are capable of troubleshooting issues and completing the necessary maintenance and repairs. Becoming a technician requires a desire to work with your hands and solve problems in a timely, effective manner. This position can require knowledge of automotive repair and specialized training, but some technicians train on the job.

Mechanics perform very similar duties, but there can be some differences. In some auto shops, technicians cover more of the technical aspects of a vehicle’s computer system while mechanics focus on the mechanical aspects. Many shops hire technicians to perform both roles, so it’s a good idea to understand both the mechanical and electronic areas of a vehicle.

Friendly and Informative Service Writers

Also known as advisers, service writers play a more customer-facing role in an auto shop. These professionals work directly with customers to help explain the necessary and recommended repairs suggested by auto technicians. Customers with vehicle issues may not understand the extent of the issue and may be wary of investing in repairs they don’t understand.

Work closely with both customers and technicians to communicate the need for emergency repairs or to create a personalized maintenance schedule. Service writers need to understand the technical aspects of automotive repair but be able to explain them in everyday, easy-to-understand language. This role blends customer service and automotive knowledge for an engaging and unique career track.

Earn More From Auto Repair Experts

Watch auto technicians and service writers in action at WOW Auto Care in Ramona, California. Get to know qualified professionals and learn how to start your career in this industry today. For more information about these automotive roles or to enjoy reliable inspections and repairs for your car, schedule a service today. Experience improved performance and safety in your vehicle when you visit our state-of-the-art auto repair shop.

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