Signs That Your Car or Truck Needs Brake Repair

Some drivers do not regard brake maintenance as very important – until something bad happens. Ensure that you do not repeat those mistakes. Your brakes are engineered to work via a complex system of different machine parts and electronic sensors that work to put your car to a halt when you depress your brake pedal. However, some of these parts require maintenance and change from time to time.

Below are five red flags regarding your brakes that you should watch out for; if you notice any of them then contact Wow Auto Care in Poway, CA for expert brake repair services.

  1. Squeaking, squealing, or grinding brakes – nowadays, most brake pads are actually built to make a squeaking sound once they start to wear out. This is so the driver’s attention is drawn to the issue.

  2. The car becomes less responsive to your braking – Well, this is obviously the clearest of all indicators that you have a brake problem that needs to be fixed ASAP. Trust us- you do not want your brakes to fail when you really need them.

  3. Mileage – Generally, it is recommended that you change your brake pads after every 30,000 – 60,000 miles although the mileage may vary for different vehicles. Check with your manufacturer to find out how long your cars should run before a brake pad change becomes required.

  4. The nose of your car tilts to one side when you depress the brakes – Most times, the brake pads on either side of your car’s tires may not wear out evenly. This can cause your car to tilt in one direction when you depress the brakes. If this problem goes unattended, you may be unnecessarily putting undue pressure on your steering rack.

  5. Vibration and Shakes – If your brakes vibrate when you depress them, then that is a clear indication that your brake pads are wearing out. Brake pads are held firm by a kind of resin and when they begin to wear out they may do so unevenly and they can cause the brakes to vibrate when they are depressed.

  6. Brake failures never almost end well. Ensure you avoid any issues with your car’s brake by quickly identifying issues and visiting Wow Auto Care in Poway, CA immediately to have it fixed.

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