Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Watch Out For Warning Signs

If you drive your car long enough, it will need transmission repair eventually. No transmission is capable of lasting forever. If your car has signs of transmission problems and you don’t get them taken care of, you’ll most likely end up needing to replace the transmission completely. This can be expensive. To avoid the high cost of repairing your transmission, it’s important to watch for signs of trouble so you can act early. Here are some of the most common signs that you need to have your transmission repaired.

Grinding Gears

If you hear a grinding sound or feel like your car is shimmying and/or shaking when you change gears, that’s an indication that you may have a problem with your transmission. In many cases, this problem is indicative of a worn clutch. No matter what the underlying issue is, you should get it checked out right away.

Cloudy Transmission Fluid

Normal transmission fluid appears bright red in color. It also smells rather sweet. If your transmission fluid looks dark and cloudy or smells like it’s been burning, you need to get your car to a repair shop in Poway, California, right away.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Red or dark and cloudy fluid in your driveway could indicate that you have a transmission fluid leak. Fortunately, leaks are usually fairly simple to fix if you catch them early.

Whining and Other Unusual Noises

It’s not unusual for cars to produce unusual whining and buzzing noises when there’s a problem with the transmission. There are many other problems that can cause whining and buzzing noises as well, so it’s important to take your car to a professional who can correctly diagnose the issue.

Shifting Issues

Difficulty shifting or irregularities when shifting are common indications of a transmission problem. Common signs to watch out for include:

  • Jerking when shifting gears
  • Vehicle falling out of gear unexpectedly when in motion
  • Hesitation when changing gears

Don’t hesitate to take your care to the shop if you notice any of these issues.

Schedule Your Transmission Repair Service

If your transmission issues aren’t addressed, your vehicle will eventually become inoperable. To avoid this unpleasant situation, make sure you schedule transmission repair if you notice any of the above symptoms. You can schedule your service with WOW Auto Care in Poway, California, by filling out our online form.

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