Tips To Make Your Transmission Last Longer

The irony about your car’s transmission is that they are pretty easy and straightforward to maintain, but on the other hand, they cost quite a significant amount to replace. A ounce of pevention is worth a pound of cure – this should be your motto when it comes to your car’s transmission. Rather than worry about transmission repairs, why not rather avoid them by? Below are 5 great tips to help your car’s transmission last longer and also make driving much more fun:

  1. Keep an Eye on the Fluids

    Most people might scream we already know this, but you would be surprised that many drivers still forget to check up on the level of the transmission fluid in their vehicle. It is important to always have it checked from time to time to ensure it is well gauged and isn’t leaking. Some vehicles may not have a dip stick to check fluid level, so it’s best to have a qualified mechanic at Wow Auto Care check if that’s the case.

  2. Routinely Replace the Transmission Fluid

    Similar to engine oil, the transmission fluid should be replaced following manufacturer guidelines. Fresh transmission fluid, or gear oil, will ensure the transmission’s internal moving parts are properly lubricated and cooled. The professionals at Wow Auto Care are experts in transmission fluid maintenance.

  3. Completely Stop Before Changing Gears

    In order to preserve the gears and clutches inside your transmission you should always come to a complete stop before switching from drive to reverse, or reverse to drive. If you change gears while the car is still rolling, it puts added stress on the internal transmission components which could result in premature wear or failure.

  4. Do Not Miss Your Mechanic Appointments

    It is crucial that you go for your regular maintenance and tune-ups for your vehicle as at when due. A bad engine can affect your car’s transmission and cause it to be under more stress while shifting. Thus, ensure you are up to date with your maintenance routines and your car’s transmission should provides many years of reliable service.

  5. Don’t Let Issues Escalate

    If you notice a strange grind or smell while you shift the gear, a grinding noise while you’re accelerating, or an unusual sound when you shift the gears, then you should seek to address the issue immediately. A small, ignored problem may come back to haunt you in the form of costly repairs. 

Written by WOW Auto Care

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