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Automatic vs. Manual

Outside of the engine, nothing contributes more to the overall performance of your vehicle than the transmission. Without this major system, you wouldn’t be able to drive your vehicle forward or backward at different speeds. Today’s technology has made transmission systems more sophisticated, which has made driving easier than ever. But because of this sophistication, it isn’t uncommon for transmission systems to wear out or even break down sooner than in years past.

At some point, you’ll need to have the transmission in your vehicle serviced (for either maintenance or repairs), but the approach varies based on if you’re driving an automatic or manual. The worst thing vehicle owners can do is treat and maintain the systems with similar techniques. Not sure how to approach your vehicle? We’re here to help. Make sure you keep these tips in mind the next time you’re inspecting your vehicle’s transmission system!

Automatic Transmission

Technology has made automatic transmission systems more sophisticated than ever. An ecosystem of parts and components work together to seamlessly transition one gear to another and provide you with a smooth and pleasurable driving experience. Unfortunately, these additional parts mean that the automatic transmission is susceptible to more problems, such as slipping gears. Drivers should look for ways to relieve stress. For instance, you don’t want it to be struggling with a steep uphill or towing another vehicle for long. If you do notice it struggling, utilize the manual feature set in most vehicles and downshift. This will increase the RPMs, but also take the stress off of the transmission.

Along with that, consider consistent transmission flushes or changes for your vehicle. Complex automatic transmission systems require more frequent fluid changes. Either service will help remove old transmission fluid and fill the system with fresh, new fluid! Talk with our automotive professionals to see if either a flush or change is best for your vehicle.

Manual Transmission

Although technological advancements have made their way into manual transmission systems as well, they aren’t nearly as complex. As a result, they’re not as susceptible to the problems that automatic transmission systems face. What will hurt a manual transmission is driver error. Things such as stalling out, mashing a gear, or riding the clutch are all poor driving habits that can hurt a manual transmission system in the long run. The best way drivers can maintain this transmission system is to practice good driving habits.

Unlike automatic transmissions, manual systems don’t require as many oil changes due to their simplicity. Since there aren’t as many components to work through, the service for manual transmission systems is a lot cheaper.

We’ll Keep You Going!

Regardless of what transmission system you have, it’s important to take proper care of it. If you’re looking for high-quality transmission service, visit WOW Auto Care in Poway, California! Our team of automotive professionals will ensure your drives are always smooth!

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