Tips To Make Your Transmission Last Longer

The irony about your car’s transmission is that they are pretty easy and straightforward to maintain, but on the other hand, they cost quite a significant amount to replace. A ounce of pevention is worth a pound of cure – this should be your motto when it comes to your car’s transmission. Rather than worry

Five Great Engine Oil Tips

You’re likely aware of the importance of engine oil in a car’s engine – lubricating the internal parts of your car’s engine, protects against corrosion, helps to prevent overheating amongst others. The importance of engine oil in a vehicle cannot be overemphasized and it is highly recommended that you always keep an eye on them. Below are five

Spring Into Car Maintenance

Spring is often seen as a great time to take care of some maintenance around the house, but don’t forget about your car maintenance too! Often times people use spring as a sign to declutter, check batteries and bulbs, deep clean and take care of small projects around the home. The same can, and should,