Five Great Engine Oil Tips

You’re likely aware of the importance of engine oil in a car’s engine – lubricating the internal parts of your car’s engine, protects against corrosion, helps to prevent overheating amongst others. The importance of engine oil in a vehicle cannot be overemphasized and it is highly recommended that you always keep an eye on them. Below are five great tips that can help you keep your engine oil in perfect condition:

  1. Check Your Engine Oil Level After Refueling

    Most vehicles have very fuel-efficient engines that may run as far as 700 miles before they need to be refilled. While the criteria for an oil change will differ across various engine manufacturers, it is important that you monitor your oil level as you may be running dangerously low. So, when next you stop for gas, check the dipstick to verify that you have the correct amount of oil in your engine.

  2. Carry out a Visual Inspection of the Oil

    Generally, new or healthy engine oil will have an almost golden honey brown look. If the oil appears to be black, then that is an indication that it is time for an engine oil change. However, on diesel engines, engine oil can turn black almost instantly due to the increased combustion temperature of a diesel engine. Thus, in diesel engines, you may need to take a sniff and if the oil smells like diesel then an oil change may be imminent.

  3. Check for Feel and Smell of the Oil

    Engine oil that smells burnt or one that feels abrasive when rubbed against the finger are signs that your engine oil needs to be changed as soon as possible. If you happen to need an oil change in California, then the experts at Wow Auto Care in Poway has got you covered.

  4. Be Mindful of Your Maintenance Schedule

    Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, your manufacturer may demand that you change your engine oil after every 3,000 miles while some may require it at as much as 10,000 miles. Some cars even feature a life monitor on the dashboard to notify you when an oil change is due. When your next oil change is due, book an appointment with the friendly automotive experts at Wow Auto Care.

  5. Know the Ideal Oil Grade and Viscosity for Your Car

    Synthetic oil, semi-synthetic oil and the traditional oil are all different kinds of engine oil. Which does your manufacturer recommend? When you bring your car to Wow Auto Care, we ensure your vehicle receives the correct engine oil type to get the best out of your engine.

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